Procion MX Procion

Procion MX Cold Water Reactive Dyes (To German Version)

All colors are available in single jars or kits. Packed in a special size with 2 oz. Why 2 oz.? Procion MX Procion
  • With these 2 oz. you can dye about 6 pound / 2750 grams of fabric (cotton, hemp, and all other natural fibers) in a medium shade (2% of the dry weight of the fabric). Isnīt that (22 squaremeter) enough for sewing?
    Itīs not our target to sell a lot of dye or fabric but to be a source for wonderfully dyed fabrics of your own!
  • Kits containing 5 or 10 important colors at a competitive price
  • Larger color-scale for less money
  • Interesting yarns in cotton to dye by yourself
  • Full range of colors (8 oz.)

  • Every customer receives an instruction with basic information being shipped with the dyes

    Actual colors (all prices in Euro):
    Lemon Yellow MX 8G - 7.50 Sun Yellow MX 3RA - 7.50 Brilliant Orange MX 2R - 7.50
    Magenta MX 5B - 7.50 Fuchsia MX 8B - 7.50 Turquoise MX G - 7.50
    Cerulean Blue MX G - 7.50 Navy Blue MX 4R - 7.50 Midnight Blue* - 7.50
    Jet Black* - 7.50 and additionally: Chocolate Brown* - 7.50

    New Colors:
    Ecru* - 5.10 Antique-Gold* - 7.50 Carmine Red - 7.50
    Royal Blue MX R - 7.50 Rust Orange MX-GRN - 7.50
    new: Bronze* new: Forest Green*  

    All colors marked * are mixtures!

    Kit 0 with 3 colors - new! (Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise) not for 22.50 but only 19.50 Euro
    Kit 1 with 5 colors (Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Jet Black) not for 37.50 but only 31.- Euro
    Kit 2 with 10 colors (all above exept Brown and the new ones) not 77.40 but only 65.- Euro

    And additionally a fantastic Kit 3 (for 19.50 Euro) with the basic colors Yellow/Red/Blue, already in the squeeze-bottles - only add water; the content ( 3 x 10 grams Procion MX ) + fixer lasts for about 2 kilograms of fabric. Refills available on request!

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    In addition we offer books like those from Ann Johnston(english)..... newly published is
    -fabric Dyeing for beginners- by V.McClure, ca. 80 illustrated pages, examples and recipes, available for 21.- Euro

    ...and the Color Wheel.

    Newly arrived, interesting measuring-spoons that fit to our 1-2-4 % recipes (we recalculated the existing formulas to smaller quantities...). Now itīs really easy to dye smaller quantities!

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    Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX Procion MX
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     Youīll find the dyes here: Kreativbereich-Material-Procion! 

     For all those capable of English: the most important website concerning Procion MX is run by Dr. Paula Burch from USA; there is also a huge FAQ-area there, hereīs the link!

    Annotation for Black: we had good results with 8 %, a higher concentration of Soda Ash and a higher temperature during the first hour of dyeing.

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